Cardorium Plus

Cardorium Plus® is a unique, research and evidence based Ayurvedic proprietary medicine.

How the metabolic disease manifests?

The harmonious equilibrium of tridosha factors constitutes health. Whenever this balance is altered by any reason ill health manifests. Apart from the three doshas there are seven Dhathus or tissues in the body which supports the human body. All the metabolic waste materials are denoted by the word Mala. There are different channels in the body which represent the transporting system of the body which are called Srothus. The chief metabolic factor which controls the digestive process is called Agni. In short the normalcy of the above mentioned biological factors lead to health and the reverse will manifest as disease.

What Cardorium Plus® does to the body?

Cardorium Plus® contains Arjuna and Pushkaramoola which correct Dhamaniprathichaya. Arjuna is a Hridya Drug – cardio protective. Pushkaramoola removes Kapha vitiation and inhibits the process of Srothorodha, since Kapha Dosha is mainly responsible for Srothorodha. Kurubaka acts against Kapha Dsoha, Vyana Vatha Dsoha, Medodushti and improves raktha vaha srotas. Vrikshamla is a proven drug against Medodushti which prevents Dyslipidemia and Atherosclerosis. Gokshura is a potent Vatha pacifying herb with Rasayana quality. Rasayana drugs like Vetasamla will boost the immune system in the body and scavenges free radicals in addition Vetasamla also act against Vyana Vatha Dosha, Medodushti and improves Raktha vaha srotas. Jatamansi acts against Vyana Vatha Dosha and helps to maintain normal Raktha vaha srotas.