mmunity is our body’s first and last line of defense once it’s compromised everything else gets hacked. I learnt this the hard way.

It was back in my third standard that I learnt about immunity, infections and diseases, but never really bothered to check with the immune system until it gave me a good jolt.

My encounter with diseases started with mild cold and cough that just refused to go; and were followed by easy bruising, regular fever, rashes and severe allergy. I had never been this sick before, but now even a day off from sickness seems a far cry.

I called up my family doctor and he said it might be an immune deficiency. I asked him if this was serious and he said that without a defense system I was susceptible to all the diseases and that I might even die of an infection.

That was something I was definitely not expecting in my twenties. I could not sleep the whole night petrified and haunted by the thoughts of AIDS, SCID or some other fatal disorientation of the body.

The next morning I rushed to the clinic and consulted for my condition. The doctor took time listening to my worries, he consoled my fear and assured me it was nothing fatal. He said we can do some tests if I want but it was absolutely not required.

He prescribed me IMMUNOJ capsules for improving strength and immunity. He also advised me a diet rich in fruits and dry fruits and recommended me some yoga poses to strengthen my immunity and enhance my well being.

I checked for any side effects or precautions needed for the medicine and it was approved as completely safe by many sites. I followed his instructions and took the medicine as prescribed. In a fortnight I started to feel the difference. IMMUNOJ capsules did help me improve my immunity, strength and even lightened my complexion.

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