Life at 50s: Living with osteo arthrosis

Imagine waking up in the morning and falling back down on the bed as soon as your feet touch the ground because your knees are too weak to support your weight or the bones too fragile for that sudden jerk. This was my life a few months back. 


Life was pretty awful as much as the words won’t speak of.  I was 50, but felt like 80. I couldn’t walk or run through the house being the boss that I always have been. Some days I even need a hand for a tout to the bathroom.  

The worst part was being confined to the house because every time I went out, I could hardly make it back home without protracted rest periods, breathlessness, and a pitiful limp. Most of those unfortunate vignettes had become a standard part of my daily living.

One summer day, while on the bus, I met a woman in her late forties or early fifties. What started with a genuine smile kicked started a conversation.

 She revealed that one year earlier she was a patient of osteo arthrosis too. She went through the same ordeal of tremendous physical and emotional pain and shared many of her experiences that pretty much sounded like my life in a nutshell. She said,  “The best way to manage it is through regular exercise, diet and Ayurveda”.

As she spoke, I was captivated by her exuberance and buoyancy, which she attributed to Ayurveda. I too began to feel quite elated that there was a probable remedy to my despair. The woman even mentioned about Ayurvedic store and gave me her doctor’s number, the one who treated her successfully. 

Inspired by her story I booked an appointment and gathered my strength to fight it off. The doctor examined thoroughly and prescribed, Strong Joint 1 BD, Ksheerabala 101 Caps 2 BD and Maha Narayan Taila for external application. I started walking regularly followed by some simple exercises like hamstring stretch, calf stretch, leg raise, seated hip march, pillow squeeze, heel raise, sit to stand, etc. It took me just two months to get complete relief from the pain.

Today I walk tall and straight vouching the efficiency of our ancestral heritage. 

Whenever I see anyone suffering the wrath of arthritis, I take a step forward and advice them to keep moving, manage their weight, keep warm and visit Ayurvedic doctor  for the best care.

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