Mobility Redefined

Unique Benefits of Strong Joint

  • Stimulates natural synthesis of Glucosamine glycans
  1. Natural shock absorbers
  2. Repairs the joint cartilage
  3. Anti inflammatory and anti arthritic agent
  • Reduces the degradation of glucosamine thus prevents the cartilage damage
  • Cox-2 inhibitory property relieves the pain associated in Osteoarthritis
Overcome Anxiety & Depression
  • Tackles both Anxiety and Depression Effectively, Synergistically and Safely
  • Potent Anti-Depressant with non-sedating property
  • Effectively treats emotional & painful physical symptoms of depression
Overcome Anxiety & Depression

MentAct – A superior anti-depressant and anxiolytic devoid of side effects like sedation and restlessness.


The World Health Organization’s Global Burden of Disease report indicated 3.6 million years of productive, healthy life is lost worldwide as a result of primary insomnia.


Here is a safe alternative.. NIDRON a safe and effective medication without adverse actions.


Nurall Rejuvenates nerves and Relieves Neuralgia

Neuropathic pain due to injury or dysfunction of the nervous system is a difficult therapeutic challenge in the treatment of chronic pain and the response of neuropathic pain to conventional analgesics has been in many cases disappointing. A novel combination for neuropathic pain reliever and nerve rejuvenatorin many cases disappointing.

  • Neuropathic pain associate with Diabetes mellitus
  • Post – herpetic neuralgic
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Peripheral neuropathy
  • Alcoholic neuropathy
  • Hemiplegia and Paraplegia
  • Low Back Pain
  • Spondylitis and 
  • Other painful neuropathies

Make Men Successful

“Studies have shown 42% decrease in average sperm count and 20% decrease in average volume of semen”. According to a study 4 out of 10 men experience Erectile Dysfunction. These statistics mean that more and more men depend on medical intervention to Make it Happen or to ” Feel Successful”.

When men depend on you, you simply guide then to depend on VAJEEVAN. It is a potent Rasayana and Vrishya made out of perfectly blended herbal ingredients of Vajeekara property handpicked from the abundant traditional literature of Ayurveda.

A Time Tested Solution for Sexual Dysfunction

The is Ayurvedic prepartion contains herbs that are considered to have potent aphrodisiacal activity and helps as Shurkra dosha hara, Shurkra sruthi dosha hara and Klaibya hara.



In Chronic illness due to compromised immune conditions.In Bacterial and Viral Opportunistic infections

  • As an Immune booster in Children
  • Immunoj as an adaptogen in elderly
  • Immunoj in Tuberculosis
  • Immunoj in HIV.

    Unique benefits of Immunoj a Herbo mineral formulation :

Mineral preparations like Rasa sindhura are known rasayana dravyas helps in chronic debilitating diseases

  • Acts as an immunomodulator (Guduchi, Ashwagandha)
  • Activates macrophages, phagocytic index, reticulo endothelial system(Bilwa, Jeevanthi )
  • Increases the levels of IFN, IL-4, T helper cells and NK cells (Tulasi, Haridra)
  • Promotes the production of IgM and IgG (Yashtimadhu)

Mehon is truly an ayurvedic wonder drug in the fight against Diabetes Mellitus
Mehon – Fights diabetes effectively!
Mehon an ayurvedic capsule made of rich medicinal plants offers effective control over type 2 diabetes.

7 Ingredients that make MEHON wonder drug

Vijayasara enhances insulin secretion by regeneration of  β – cells and prevents the micro and macro vascular complications of DM.

Shilajith precious mineral, prevents and protects the damage of β – cells of pancreas and helps in preventing the complications of DM.

Cardorium Plus® is a unique, research and evidence based Ayurvedic proprietary medicine.

How the metabolic disease manifests?
The harmonious equilibrium of tridosha factors constitutes health. Whenever this balance is altered by any reason ill health manifests. Apart from the three doshas there are seven Dhathus or tissues in the body which supports the human body. All the metabolic waste materials are denoted by the word Mala. There are different channels in the body which represent the transporting system of the body which are called Srothus. The chief metabolic factor which controls the digestive process is called Agni. In short the normalcy of the above mentioned biological factors lead to health and the reverse will manifest as disease.

Cardorium plus