Make Men Successful

“Studies have shown 42% decrease in average sperm count and 20% decrease in average volume of semen”. According to a study 4 out of 10 men experience Erectile Dysfunction. These statistics mean that more and more men depend on medical intervention to Make it Happen or to ” Feel Successful”.

When men depend on you, you simply guide then to depend on VAJEEVAN. It is a potent Rasayana and Vrishya made out of perfectly blended herbal ingredients of Vajeekara property handpicked from the abundant traditional literature of Ayurveda.

A Time Tested Solution for Sexual Dysfunction

The is Ayurvedic prepartion contains herbs that are considered to have potent aphrodisiacal activity and helps as Shurkra dosha hara, Shurkra sruthi dosha hara and Klaibya hara.

Vajeevan is the time tested solution to treat men with Erectile Dysfunction, Low libido, Premature Ejaculation and Male infertility, but also for the treatment of mental ailments directly affecting the above – mentioned problems.


In a clinical study, conducted on 45 patients with a history of sexual (Erectile) dysfunction, each patient was given Vajeevan avalehya twice a day for 6 weeks. Each patient was evaluated for the effect of drug and to rule out any side effects after the second week and furthermore, once every week for more four weeks.

Among the 45 patients included in the study, 40 patients completed the treatment, 32 patients (80%) showed siginficant clinical improvement, 18 patients (45%) were cured in 3 weeks and 14 patients (35%) showed improvement in 6 weeks. Ability to achieve erections, ” Ability to maintain erections”, ” Frequency of orgasm” and ” Sanctification with sexual relationship” was observed in the study and Vajeevan’s efficacy in all these parameters were proven without an iota of doubt.

  • Effective non hormonal sexual stimulant useful in Erectile dysfunction
  • Improves libido and maintains erection
  • Eases performance associated anxiety and Guarantees satisfactory coitus

Key Ingredients
Rathnapurusha, Atmagupta, Ashwagandha, Yashti, Gokshura, Talamuli, Vidari, Shatavari, Akarakarabha, Jathiphala, Jathipatri, Ahiphena beeja